Friday, September 14, 2012

gritty northern ice cream realism

Grape Nuts ice cream
Grape Nuts ice cream is A Thing in New England.
When I blog about ice cream I have a way of capturing something grim about it (e.g.),
but this is not because I have something against ice cream.
I quite liked this particular ice cream. Its vanilla lacks presence, but
I didn't mind that; sometimes vanilla is not the point.
The texture: fluffy and milky (as opposed to eggy or custard-y).
It's home-made, befitting the signage below.
I don't know how the Grape Nuts stay crunchy, but they do. Some sort of
kitchen sink drama I'll probably never make sense of.

Dorman's Dairy Dream
Dorman's Dairy Dream,
Thomaston, Maine. 

Saturday Night and Sundae Morning (Dir. Karel Reisz, 1960) 
is considered a classic of the genre.

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