Saturday, January 16, 2010

an invitation

to visit my new blog:

Lunar Camel Co.

Lunar Camel Co.

The first post is chock full of videos . . . it's not my intention for all of them to be, but it felt right to christen it with tight pants, shiny, spangly outfits and terrible dancing.

I'm not abandoning this blog; I'm thinking of the new one as a parallel universe where I won't have to work a recipe or a food photo into whatever I want to post about. We haven't been doing much cooking lately, anyhow — the gas has been out since Christmas and there's only so much one can do with a salad spinner and an electric panini press.

Con Ed tore up the block and diligently poked around in that dirty, slushy hole pictured above, but still no gas. It seems like the problem is in my building, which I understand was constructed in 1899. I see more salads in my future!