Friday, July 13, 2012

frozen lunch

I was planning to return with a pineapple extravaganza but I'd feel foolish if I didn't tell you there's some very good ice cream visiting NYC from its native San Francisco today and this weekend. Humphry Slocombe! I've been wanting to try their ice cream for ages and it's at Paper mag's Superduper Market right now. I usually stay away from pop-up-shop-type-things because I'm a grouch and I don't like crowds, but this sounded manageable to me. Even if it didn't I would've ducked in for the ice cream anyhow. I had just a piece of toast for breakfast this morning in anticipation of cramming all sorts of stuff into my eatin' hole this afternoon but it's muggy today and I managed only a couple of frozen things.

 Humphrey Slocombe ice cream visiting NYC
Sorry for the grim, neorealist ice cream portraiture but it was a grey day.

Humphry Slocombe's Secret Breakfast ice cream = bourbon + cornflakes. It's got plenty of bourbon in it and it's damn tasty. The corn flakes have a nice crunch to them too, which I'm guessing comes from being baked Chex party mix-style before being stirred in? (I haven't seen their book yet; maybe it explains). They'll have different flavors each day at the market but I didn't ask about the weekend because I'm looking forward to going back and being surprised. I've got my fingers crossed for Candy Cap mushroom. Today the other flavors were Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee (which was sold out by the time I got there around 2:30-ish) and Thai Chile Lime sorbet (which I tasted a sample of). The sorbet was impressively fresh-tasting and I tried to get my friend to order a cup so I could eat some more of it, but he'd apparently been binging on ice cream all week long and refused. FFS! I need to screen my eating companions for this sort of thing.

Imperial Woodpecker sno-ball lunch in progress

That's an Imperial Woodpecker sno-ball above: cotton candy (blue) and Mardi Gras king cake (purple). I secretly really like cotton candy and was pleased to discover that this tasted exactly like it. I've never had king cake so I can't comment on the accuracy of the purple side, but it did have a nice cake-y thing going on. I hope it won't be too disappointing if I explain that I wasn't eating ice cream and shaved ice at the same exciting time. I ducked outside to eat each because it was a little crowded inside. 

I didn't do much shopping at the market because a lot of the stuff I've either tried before or know where to get year-round, but I did leave with a little sack of Salty Road's salty peanut taffy. I'm a salt fiend and after having such a sweet lunch I couldn't resist. It's not aggressively salty like a bag of chips but it's got enough crunchy, coarse sea salt in it to keep me happy, and I think it's helped me digest my frozen lunch.

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