Friday, July 20, 2012

when a food blog is napping

. . . it might appear inactive but secretly be doing inner work, such as lucid dreaming about breakfast.

There are any number of reasons why it should want to attempt such things. To generate ideas by way of jiggling its usual frame of reference, for example. A Tibetan lama might say that lucid dreaming is "[a method] to directly reduce the coarse, rationally created reality, to touch upon and be able to perceive and appreciate a more direct and nonmanipulated relationship with reality, a step which in itself will further a nonrational contact with reality." This is a compelling pursuit, but extraordinarily difficult. The food blog might instead simply be replenishing its energies, or protecting itself from the fractural little stresses of what it perceives to be a dreary routine.

It is probably at least semi-consciously rooting around in its thoughts about things, the way a seemingly impassive NYC dog can suddenly unearth an arid, frozen pizza bone from under a foot of snow.

It might also be tossing and turning and idly thinking about briny snacks, in which case it will, upon waking, try and fail to remember whether it possibly dream-smelled a tin of salty little fish or merely had an evocative night-thought about them.

Suddenly the sun will be shining and it will be time to get to work.

kitchen sunrise

I guess this is a way of saying I'll be back soon, hopefully next week.


Waffle and syrup sheets from Etsy seller and fiber artist Brook Abboud / B Fiber and Craft Emporium.

Egg costume by Carole Itter, 1974, via Creatures of Comfort.

Pizza sleeping bag also from Brook Abboud / B Fiber and Craft Emporium.

Sardine sheets from Australian shop Bed Toppings.

Scorched IKEA trivet from my kitchen, where it sneakily clung to the bottom of a pot I put on the burner and was not noticed by the distracted cook until it started to smell funny.

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