Tuesday, September 04, 2012

end-of-summer miscellany

blackberries still attached to their branches
Blackberries still attached to their branches,
Union Square greenmarket.

beardo townhouse
A bearded townhouse, in the west 70s, I think.

My best friend bought a Vespa at the beginning of summer.

me in helmet

Manhattan-20120818-01855 lolo
The scooter expanded our breakfasting territory, among other things.
A buckwheat waffle at Village Natural, after a
morning jaunt to Partners & Crime bookstore next door.

Manhattan-20120901-01868 colorcross

Manhattan-20120901-01869 colorcross
Last night's lights in the west village Saturday morning.

Manhattan-20120901-01871 colorcross

Manhattan-20120623-01790 colorcross



Breakfast triptych: A chilly morning, early summer, at La Bonbonniere.

IMG-20120902-01891 colorcross

Manhattan-20120901-01858 colorcross

Manhattan-20120901-01884 colorcross

IMG-20120901-01886 colorcross

IMG-20120901-01882 colorcross

Manhattan-20120719-01819 colorcross
Other people's container gardening: street limes on East 9th St.

IMG-20120719-01817 colorcross

IMG-20120902-01893 colorcross

IMG-20120621-01788 colorcross

You should try a BLTD while there are still good tomatoes around. This sandwich was inspired by the pork belly bacon from Dickson's Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market, which is great but a little salty. A layer of sliced Medjool dates underneath balances things perfectly.

the B in my BLTD the D in my BLTD 

the T in my BLTD BLTD sandwich
BLTD construction

ma-la hotdog
Also recommended, sort of a ma-la hotdog:
Dickson's lamb and beef sausage with Sichuan pepper + spicy cabbage and carrot slaw 
(dressed with Kewpie mayo, rice vinegar, more Sichuan pepper, red pepper flakes).

red currant / blueberry / black cardamom scone
Not recommended just yet: My blueberry / red currant / black cardamom scones
need a little more work. Remind me next summer.

squash at the Abingdon Square greenmarket Lolo
Abingdon Square greenmarket.

avocado squash
Thinly sliced and properly dressed — with a little olive oil, lime juice and salt  avocado squashes taste almost exactly like actual avocados.

avocado squash on toast Lolo
Avocado squash with olive oil, lime juice and Turkish black salt on sourdough toast.

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