Tuesday, November 04, 2008

after all this please please please don't forget to VOTE!

for fuck's sake this HAS to happen

Image from january20th2009's Flickr photostream

And if you're a reader outside the U.S. and can't vote, please light your finest voodoo candles, put on your luckiest underwear, chant your most effective mantra, etc., for a good result in today's election.


  1. Well, I have all that can be crossed crossed, because the alternative is terrifying. Particularly that Palin person...she's appalling.

    Good Luck.

  2. From down here in Australia...


    Congratulations America, you have a mind in the White House again.

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  5. where are you tiny banquet committee? i miss you so.

  6. Hey there dali momma and stephan - Sadly I've just been alternating between working crazy hours, and not working at all, while trying to stay away from the computer as much as possible to deal with tendonitis brought on by too many hours working on computer. I am limbering up for an imminent return so stay tuned . . .