Sunday, August 24, 2008

well-fed animals


Those are exactly the type of animals we like to make a fuss over when visiting a country fair.

hi hello

These photos are not from the same fair I've posted about in the past — that was the Durham fair, which happens September 26th - 28th this year. These are from the Chester Fair, which is even smaller and more rural. It's been taking place since 1877.

Photo from the Chester Historical Society, via the via the fair's web site.

We arrived in Westbrook on Saturday morning and went for a hike at Salt Meadows, which is part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge.

salt marsh

Salt marsh, Westbrook CT

hiking at Salt Meadow

Salt Meadows is a stopping place for many types of migrating birds, and visiting naturalists record their sightings in an observation log.

too bad they weren't together

Too bad they weren't all together.

We went to the fair on Sunday morning, and the first thing we encountered was a picturesque cattle barn filled with picturesque cows.

cattle barn

hallo Daquiri

cows at the fair

There were also plenty of goats (both in a petting zoo and in competition), chickens and rabbits.

Nubian goats at the fair

I'm not going to take it from you

These two thought my camera was examining their new egg. And they were totally right.

also a chicken at the fair

ok ok ok!

sleeping piglet at the fair

Piglet, born July 28th.

There was a mesmerizing horse pull competition, in which pairs of work horses pull a sled loaded with cement blocks. The horses are often ready to go before their harness can be linked to the sled, and have to be led back to it in a tense circle.

horse pulling competition at the fair

work horses at the fair

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  1. TBC! I'm so happy to see you back around these parts! I actually came over to look at your Fair pics from two summers ago, because that one grey rabbit cheers me up every time, and here was this incredibly pleasant surprise of new fair pics! I hope all is well and that all members of the Committee are happy and healthy. See you around sometime!