Sunday, November 05, 2006

my furry friends conspire against me

Pita eats brazil nuts before walnuts and walnuts before almonds

A few days ago Pita did something really sweet: she took a walnut from my hand and got so excited that she dropped it, and then she looked back at me to see if I'd hook her up with a replacement. And when I handed her another she put her teeny, tiny hand on my finger to steady herself. Sooooooo charming, right? I didn't put any more nuts out for a couple days so this afternoon the two of them came right up when they saw me open the window. They raced each other to get to my window and hissed and chased each other around a bit and then the loser, who I thought was intimidated, went back down to the backyard. The cutie pie again accepted a nut from my hand . . . and promptly dropped it. Pita, wtf? It clattered to the ground, where I am guessing that her accomplice stuffed it right into his cheek. I am such a sucker for their beady little eyes and vigorous romps in my garden of dead herbs that I am going to fall for this butterfingers-Pita routine over and over again. And they so know this.


  1. That's adorable. I can't believe how tame they are either.

    In our old house we used to have a squirrel feeder instead of a bird feeder. Squirrels are far more entertaining.

  2. My mom has a birdfeeder on her back porch that some nights becomes a racoon feeder. it is HI-LAR-E-OUS. they come in a big band and do these acrobatics trying to get their teeny hands under the glass to get the seeds out. they make a ton of noise, and then we'll turn the light on, and they all *freeze* and look really guilty, just like a bunch of kids trying to break into a cookie jar.

    Your squirrel is so pretty... I'd be a sucker too!