Sunday, August 06, 2006

this Sunday's farmers' market

Or "greenmarket," if you are a fellow Manhattanite. (The Tompkins Square Park greenmarket, to be precise). I tried to not get too ambitious with my purchases this week because it appears that I'll be working a lot and won't have much time to cook. I'll have time for tomato sandwiches, though!

heirloom tomatoes

Organic heirloom tomatoes.

heirloom tomatoes 2

How sad these photos will make me in the middle of winter!

orange cherry tomatoes 2

Orange cherry tomatoes from the same farm.

I also picked up a few other things:

peaches close-up


yellow wax beans

yellow wax beans, which for some reason I had been craving all week

purple pepper

a purple bell pepper

yellow summer squash

some sort of small, yellow summer squash

hard-neck garlic

hard-neck garlic

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy salted sweet cream butter

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy salted butter

salted butter close up

I love their cultured butter too but they didn't have any this week

brown eggs

free-range eggs from Stannard Farm

bacon & eggs

as well as some of their bacon,
which was promptly turned into breakfast

yellow zinnia 2

Stannard Farm had flowers, too!


  1. Hi! Gorgeous photos. Just saw your comment on my blog - I grew up with the daughter from the York Hill farm family! So, naturally, I also grew up eating their goat cheese. Yummy.

  2. Thanks Court!
    You are lucky to be a FOYHF (friend of York Hill Farm) - yum, indeed!

  3. you must have gotten there earlier than we did
    the ronnybrook lady was packing up just as we got there
    she said the punk concert was doing her head in, lol!
    and i realised i lied.... i've never had dipaolo's turkey sausages before... we always go for dines farms' sausages especially the chicken/garlic/sage or chicken/spinach/mozzarella
    both delicious!

  4. I have not tried Dines Farms sausages — I am a huge fan of their chicken, though, so I'll have to try it soon. I am also a huge fan of the guy who sells it; he never freaks out when my dog tries to snatch the stuffed chicken from his table!

  5. Those yellow squash are actually yellow zucchini.

    How I miss the Tompkins Square market - I used to live on 3rd and B and it was the first place I'd go on Sundays. (I also miss the Union Square market, and Ronnybrook Farms yogurt, and everything from Red Jacket Orchards, sigh.)

    But hey, we have a pretty good market down here in Baltimore!